Stock Watch Lists

Individual Stocks

These are the stocks that have caught my eye. These google sheets have multiple tabs. Each tab is its own watch list. Scroll below for links to the dated posts when these watch lists were first discussed.

Standalone copy of 2016’s file can be accessed here.

Standalone copy of 2017’s file can be accessed here.

DOW Jones Dividend Cushion  – Posted 07/07/17

CCC Super Select – Posted 07/25/17

2016 “Growing Champions” – Tumblr post dated 01/09/16

2016 “Consumer Staples” – Tumblr post dated 02/11/16

2016 Dividend Growth Blogosphere – Tumblr post dated 03/06/16

Fixed Income – Gen Bond & Fixed Income – BBB Bond – Tumblr post dated 05/25/16

Fixed Income – High Yield – Tumblr post dated 05/26/16

Fixed Income – Bond ETFs – Tumblr post dated 07/07/16

Fixed Income – CA Muni Bonds – Tumblr post dated 08/03/16

2016 IRA Candidates – Tumblr post dated 10/30/16

Closed End Funds – Portfolio Tracker

After I built my closed end fund watch lists, I decided I want to build up a portfolio of fixed income CEFs throughout the second half of 2016. The table below is my target CEF portfolio. This will track my progress in getting to the target allocations.

​Stand alone copy of the google sheet can be found here.

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