I started this blog, DGI adventure, back in September of 2015. If you want the whole backstory it’s published here.

TLDR Version: My wife and I are aggressively saving as much of our income as possible, and trying to build a growing passive income stream so we don’t have to work anymore if we don’t want to. Same as, I don’t know, a hundred something other dividend bloggers out there?

I like to try to pick individual stocks…so I do. I haven’t been able to beat the market so far. I don’t care.

I’m a buy and hold agnostic, and I fully admit to trying to time the market at least a little bit.

I do a lot of options trading, but it’s like…the boring kind? Cash secured puts and covered calls. I don’t enter into an options contract unless I consider assignment a desirable outcome. This means I let almost all of my contracts run out till expiry, even if they’ve “moved against me”.

The primary goals of this website are complete transparency and personal accountability. I publish our portfolio for everyone to see, and I document every trade I make in some form or fashion (I used to write dedicated posts for each transaction, but I use the twitter for a lot more now). This produces a record of what I’ve done and why. If I change tack at some point down the line I owe it to myself and the readers to address why.

I use to publish all my blog posts on Tumblr, and maintain the fixed elements of the website back at “the mother ship”.

That was kind of awkward, so I everything is done in one place now. I thought it would be awkward to import the old tumblr blog, but it turns out there’s an app for that and it was super easy. Not sure that everything came over correctly though.

Original content can be found here for as long as Verizon decides to keep it up.