DGI Adventure 03-04-17 – Catching Up – Part III

Okay. So I think this should be the last time I have to do this.

As I mentioned previously, Mrs Wizard and I just moved to Denver, CO. Our life has been absolute chaos for the past three months, although it really came to a head in February.

Our tenant is moving into the California property this weekend. We’re going to get unpacked now that our stuff has more or less arrived. Things are starting to settle down.

With all the chaos, I’ve had a hard time documenting every trade with its own dedicated post. I’d like to get back to that kind of pattern, but until the dust completely settles, I may have to lump them together in summary posts like this.

I can’t promise this will be the last time, but I’m hopeful that I will have more bandwidth in the near future.

I can promise that I will continue to document every trade, one way or another. Savvy readers can always check the dividend income tracker  or the portfolio page back at the mothership where I will always record every trade albeit in spreadsheet form without commentary.

So here we go.

Here’s another table of put options that I’ve sold recently that I don’t have time to work up into individual posts. 

All of them are repeats of previous positions, so do not warrant investment theses.

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