DGI Adventure 01-03-2016 Month in Review – December 2016

Thank God 2016 is over. It wasn’t as bad as 2012 but it sure gave it a run for its money…

As we usher in a new odd year, let’s pause briefly and reflect on the final month of 2016.

Portfolio Summary

Stock Purchases

2 stocks purchased. 2 positions increased; Projected annual income increased by $195.36 based on current dividends.

12/02/16 – BKT: 200 shares purchased @ $6.2442/share. This purchase was adding to my CEF portfolio. Nothing special, but definitely catching more divies. Increases annual projected income by $63.60 based on current annual dividend of $0.318/share

12/15/16 – OHI: 54 shares purchased @ $29.75/share. I have not resolved my crisis of faith for REITs, but I decided I wanted to have an even 100 shares of OHI in my ROTH, which this achieved. Increases annual projected income by $131.76 based on current annual dividend of $2.44/share.

Pay Days and Raises

Dividend Income Tracker is published back at the mothership and has been updated.

Total investment income of $1970.89 with a taxable total of only $56.79. We’ll call it 12 “pay days” with 36 individual payments received.

Options premiums represent $205.08 of that total, although several positions were sold profitably for capital gains, which I don’t count towards options trading, but are a direct result.

Lending club income is aggregated into a single income record for simplicity’s sake. It actually arrives as a lot of small payments over the course of the month. Apparently one loan has been “charged off”, two loans are late (between 31 and 120 days) and two are in the grace period. So I took the loss for the charged off loan this month, which is why the income is so much less than previous months.

Lending club’s algorithm has decided to write down $47.22 worth of principal for the loans that are late or in the grace period, but I’m not recognizing any losses until they are actually charged off..

Thanks to those cap gains I’m showing a month over month increase of $1,038.97, which is a 111% increase.

Compared to December 2015, which was a $413.27 total, it represents a 377% YoY increase.

Since it’s the end of the year we can compare annual income totals too:

2015 totaled $4,051.64 compared to 2016 which came in at $16,202.01

That is a 300% increase YoY. I’d like to see 2017 bring in somewhere around $25K in “income”. We’ll see….

None of the regular dividend payments represented an increase, but more are on the horizon I’m sure.

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