DGI Adventure 12-20-16 – Building the CEF Portfolio – Activity Summary

I actually made this purchase waaaaaay back on Friday, December 2nd. I just didn’t get around to writing about it until today.

BKT went ex-dividend on December 8th, and I decided to add some shares ahead of that.

I haven’t been super active lately with building up my CEF portfolio, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about it.

BKT was trading at a good discount, and it was a fair bit below my initial purchase price, so I decided to add some shares.

CEF Portfolio Tracker and the Total Investable Assets pages back at the mother ship have been updated accordingly.

12-02-16 One (1) purchase made, purchase price include commission costs.

BKT: 200 shares @ $6.2442/share. NAV $6.81 representing a -8.3% discount to NAV. A total of $2,882.55 has been invested into BKT out of my target ~$5K.

To date I’ve put $21,627.73 into my CEF portfolio out of a target of ~$65K. My projected annual income is up to $1,635.40 out of the $5,036.22 I’m shooting for.

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