DGI Adventure 10-23-16 SOLD: 26.6757 Shares of HCP, Inc. for $36.77/share

This was kind of a housekeeping trade more than anything, but I’m trying to be completely transparent here and documenting everything.

Observant readers will remember that I sold an HCP put in my beneficiary IRA back on 09/01/16 and the shares were assigned to me on 09/16/16 when the contract expired in the money.

Those observant readers will also know that the purpose of that trade was to get the high yielding HCP shares in a tax advantaged account, so I could sell the shares in my taxable account without reducing exposure to the stock. Well on Tuesday 10/18/16, it had been 32 days since I’d taken ownership of the shares put to me, which meant the wash rule was no longer an issue.

I sold the shares in the taxable account to harvest a small tax loss. Since we own shares in several accounts our aggregated cost basis is slightly different than the cost basis CapitalOne will report to the IRS. Our “actual” loss was -$58.69 if you use the aggregated cost basis. The taxable loss on the shares will have been -$66.47.

I will use the -$58.69 figure in the monthly income summary.

I thought about waiting a bit to see if I could get out of that position without a capital loss, but the Quality Care Properties Spinoff is coming up this week, and I don’t want any more shares of QCP than I’m already going to get.

I don’t sell stocks very often, and even if I do sell, it’s usually pretty boring.

Boring is good.

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