DGI Adventure 10-04-2016 Month in Review – September 2016

Janet Yellen emerged from her cave, saw her shadow, and thus gave us 3 more months of near zero interest rates. Hooray! I guess?

At least volatility picked up a little bit. Still feels like everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop doesn’t it?

Here’s what happened with the wizards accounts in September:

Portfolio Summary

Stock Purchases

4 stocks purchased. 3 positions increased; 1 new position. Projected annual income increased by $445.69 based on current dividends.

09/16/16 – HCP: 100 shares purchased @ $37.50/share. I sold a put at the beginning of the month, and it got assigned. This is an increase to an existing position, although I plan to sell  26.6757 shares in my taxable account after I’ve cleared the wash rule waiting period so it ultimately won’t be that big of an increase. For now, this increases projected annual income by $230.00 based on current dividend of $2.30/share annually.

09/16/16 – SCHB: 100 shares purchased @ $52.00/share. This was another option assignment. I sold this put at the end of August. I have no idea how to project the income from an index ETF like this, but based on the previous four quarters worth of dividends paid ($0.9070), I’m going to say that it adds $90.70 to my projected income. I’m really more interested in the option income anyway.

09/19/16 – MIN: 300 shares purchased @  $4.585/share. This is an increase to an existing position. It adds $124.99 of income based on the current annual distribution of $0.41664/share.

09/27/16 – NAC: 43.6853 shares purchased @ $16.62/share. This is an increase to an existing position. NAC pays an annual dividend of $0.822/share, but I don’t count it towards my annual income because it is set to automatically reinvest. More discussion can be found here.

Pay Days and Raises

Dividend Income Tracker is published back at the mothership.

Total investment income of $983.76, but only $79.35 of which was in taxable accounts. We’ll call it 14 “pay days” with 38 individual payments received.

Lending club income is aggregated into a single income record for simplicity’s sake. It actually arrives as a lot of small payments over the course of the month. I have two loans that are late (between 31 and 120 days). Lending club has some algorithm that has decided to write down $36.67 worth of principal for those two loans. From an income perspective, I think it makes more sense to wait until it’s actually realized.

This month’s income represents a 6.05% increase over last month’s total of $927.66.

It also represents a 144% increase over August of 2015’s income of $403.94.

CMI was the only company in the portfolio who paid an increased dividend. They boosted the payout to $1.025/share, which is an increase of 5.13% from the previous $0.975/share.

All in all a pretty good month. That was the fourth full month since I took my leap of faith and transferred my Beneficiary and traditional IRAs to self-directed accounts. The wild swings from liquidating mutual funds are gone, and now the month over month results are more closely based on implementation of my strategy.

So far so good.

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