DGI Adventure 09-20-16 – Building the CEF Portfolio – Activity Summary

One of the targets in my CEF Portfolio goes ex-dividend today, and it was trading right around the same price as my current cost basis.

So I decided to scoop up some shares yesterday to get in on this month’s distributions.

CEF Portfolio Tracker and the Total Investable Assets pages back at the mother ship have been updated accordingly.

Previous CEF discussions and activity are readily searchable on the Tumblr.

09-19-16 One (1) purchase made, purchase price include commission costs.

MIN: 300 shares @ $4.585/share. NAV $4.88 representing a -6.0% discount to NAV. A total of $4,122.50 has been invested into MIN out of my target ~$8K.

CEF Portfolio

To date I’ve put $20,378.93 into my CEF portfolio out of a target of ~$65K. My projected annual income is up to $1,568.10 out of the $5,036.22 I’m shooting for.

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