DGI Adventure 09-06-2016 Month in Review – August 2016

Last year, August was kind of a shit show, with all kinds of volatility and ETF pricing disconnecting from their underlying indexes, etc. etc. I was kind of hoping for a sequel in 2016, but it didn’t happen.

Maybe next month?

In the meantime, let’s take a look at August, the month that was…

Portfolio Summary

Stock Purchases

1 stock purchased. 1 position increased. Projected annual income increased by $110.00 based on current dividends.

09/05/15 – VER: 200 shares purchased @ $10.50/share. The put option that I sold on August 3 expired in the money and was exercised. For now, this is an addition to an existing position, although I plan to sell an equivalent number of shares from the taxable account at some point in the future, so it should end up more like a “transfer” eventually. 

Increased projected annual income by $110.00 based on current dividend of $0.55/share annually.

Pay Days and Raises

Dividend Income Tracker is published back at the mothership.

Total investment income of $927.66, but only $73.51 of which was in taxable accounts. We’ll call it 16 “pay days” with 35 individual payments received.

I am still aggregating all Lending Club income into a single monthly payment. We actually receive payments nearly every day of the month. I’m not breaking it down into that much detail. Sorry.

Using last month’s total of $768.25, which excluded capital gains from mutual fund liquidations, this month’s income represents a 20.75% increase month over month.

It also represents a 124% increase over August of 2015’s income of $413.64.

OHI came through again with yet another dividend increase. The last time OHI didn’t increase their dividend (as in from quarter to quarter…forget about in a calendar year) was in July of 2012. I’m starting to wonder if this is too good to be true?

August was a historically boring month in terms of volatility, yet I still made nearly two thirds of my investment income from trading with options. 

I like to think that I haven’t taken on too much risk to do that, but who knows? Things might get wacky in September. Hopefully I’ll still have plenty of dry powder when they do.

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