DGI Adventure – 05-02-2016 Month in Review – April 2016

So far the theory I postulated last month hasn’t materialized. You know…the one about how the rug would be pulled out from under this rally when the buyback blackout for earnings kicked in. Now in that theory’s defense…earnings season isn’t over yet, and it started to feel a little more whipsaw-ey last week. It could get interesting. I haven’t bought any stocks since January. Feels weird. Maybe won’t for a while either. You know what they say: sell in May and go away.

Something tells me, though, I’ll be buying before they run the 2016 St. Leger Stakes. 

Meanwhile, let’s have a look at April.

Portfolio Summary


I think that’s the first month the total invested assets has gone down from the previous month. Bummer.

I still have more cash than I’d like, but it was nice to have extra to cover the large expenses I knew were coming. I guess it’s worth noting again that I keep a lot of cash in savings accounts in anticipation of budgeted spend. On the portfolio page, this is account #10, and is labeled “envelopes”. This cash is counted with the “income assets”, because the interest I get from the savings accounts is part of the projected annual income. Someday I will write a core philosophy article on my budgeting system. My wife says it’s crazy.

I do not include the cash in my Beneficiary IRA in the income asset calculation. I might change this when I switch over to a self-directed interactive brokers account for the Beneficiary IRA.

Yes…I still haven’t done that yet…I know. I know.

Stock Purchases

No stock purchases in April. Didn’t buy any in March or February either. Yup…still feels weird.

Pay Days and Raises

Dividend Income Tracker is published back at the mothership.

Total of $585.52 of passive income received. 10 “pay days”. 19 individual payments received.

This represents a 34.2% increase from last month’s income of $436.37 and an 87.0% increase from April 2015’s income of $313.09. A big part of that income jump was being able to profitably roll my covered calls forward again. However, since then those trades are just getting worse and worse. The imaginary losses are building to a point where they may have to be reconciled. Then again the AUY calls expire in October, and ABX in July, so there’s plenty of time. We’ll see.

WMT dividend payment is a $0.01/share increase of 2.04%. Kind of a disappointing increase, but Wally World is reinventing itself right now. Probably prudent in the long run.

So in summary, I paid a shit load of taxes, and had a few big expenditures (basketball playoff tickets, baseball season tickets) that took a bite out of total liquidity. I’ll get most of the ticket money back eventually through selling games we won’t attend. The taxes though…those are gone. Damn taxes.

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