DGI Adventure – 02-29-2016 Month in Review – February 2016

Happy Leap Year!!!

The market went down some more. Then it went up. Now maybe it’s going back down again? Whatever. The shortest month of the year was one day longer than usual. Let’s see how things turned out in February:

Portfolio Summary

I still have way too much cash. I have not yet transferred my Inherited IRA to a self-directed Interactive Brokers account. When I finally do that I will have even more cash initially because they don’t recognize any of the mutual funds I currently hold. So I have to liquidate everything. That’s part of the hang up actually. I need to bite the bullet and just do it.

Stock Purchases

No stock purchases in February. Really? Wow. That went by fast.

Pay Days and Raises

Dividend Income Tracker is published back at the mothership.

Total of $636.07 of passive income received. 9 “pay days”. 18 individual payments received.

This represents a 4.5% decrease from last month’s income of $666.38 and a 608% increase from February 2015’s income of $89.84. It’s probably not fair to compare YoY until next month, since I didn’t start taking the high yield bond fund divies as cash until March 2015. But a 608% increase sounds pretty good right?

Two comments:

1) I’m still counting selling options as “passive” income. It’s more work than collecting a dividend, but not that much more work.

2) I have considered my high yield bond fund dividends as “taxable” because the idea was that they would generate the cash I need to pay the annual required minimum distribution for the inherited IRA. Once I transfer that account and start generating individual stock dividend and option based income, I’m going to start classifying that as non-taxable. It is in a protected account after all.

OHI dividend payment is $0.01/share increase of 1.79%. This increase adds $1.84 in annual income

HCP dividend payments are $0.01/share increase of 1.77%. This increase adds $3.21 in annual income

FAST dividend payment is $0.02/share increase of 7.14%. This increase adds $3.20 in annual income.

I managed to profitably roll out my covered calls, but they continued to go the absolute wrong direction. Looks like Jose Canseco was right. Not sure how much longer I want to keep this up.

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