DGI Adventure – 01-02-2016 Month in Review – December 2015

Happy New Year!

I know I’m kind of futzing around a lot, but I’m still figuring
out the exact format for all of this.

I realize I had already made a lot of changes between the October
and the November
. I’ve made even more changes this month. This should be it for a
while. Sorry.

Clerical Change #1: Added
in 401K investments.

I added in my wife’s and my 401K investments to the total investable assets
tracking sheet. We didn’t really invest $26K in one
month. I just hadn’t included the 401K assets in the total before. Since those
assets automatically reinvest, they’re not considered part of the “Income
Assets” calculations.

I’m not sure why I didn’t include them before. I guess I
just didn’t think about it. We don’t think about our 401Ks very much other than
once a year when we decide how much to contribute. Now that those are factored
in, subsequent month to changes should actually reflect the change in liquid

Clerical Change #2: What
gets mentioned as “income” and how I track passive income

First off I created and published a google sheet to track passive
. It summarizes by month and by year, but there are also individual
tabs for each asset to track how much income has been produced over the life of
the asset. I like this way of tracking better than what I was doing before.

Previously I was focused on individual stocks we had picked
when I would summarize the “monthly income”. That wasn’t really fair, since a
lot of our passive income is from bond funds held in the Beneficiary IRA
account. Those funds generate the amount of cash needed to pay the required
minimum distribution (RMD) each year. Those funds are included in the tracker,
and the income is now included in the monthly total.

For 2016 I’m hoping to create one more tracking sheet so
that the table below can be removed from these posts, and can be summarized in
one place back at the mothership. It won’t change anything really other than
how it’s presented.


Stock Purchases

1 new position added and 1 position increased. Projected
annual income increased by $64.60 based on current dividends.

12/14/15 – VLO: 26 shares purchased at $66.40/share. New
position initiated. Increased projected annual income by $52.00 based on
current $2.00/share annual dividend.

12/14/15 – PLT: 21 shares purchased at $47.85/share. Added
to existing position of 9.9107 shares. Increased projected annual income by
$12.60/share based on current dividends.

These purchases were discussed in this
weekly review post

Pay Days and Raises

Income Tracker
is published back at the mothership.

Total of $413.27 of passive income. Seven “pay days” 13
individual payments received.

No dividends represent an “increase.”

I’m not really sure why WHIAX didn’t pay a dividend in
December. Oh well. Mutual funds confuse me.

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