DGI Adventure – 11-30-2015 Month in Review – November 2015

of all I’m happy to announce that the portfolio is now published
back at the mothership. I use a google sheet to track total investable assets,
and I finally took the time to figure out how to embed that on the website. There
are a number of cells that need to be manually updated, which is what I do once
a month before writing these summary posts. But most of the information is
automatically updated because google sheets are bad ass and can look up stock
prices based on the ticker. 

It’s worth noting there are a few clerical changes that
account for some of the shift since the October

Clerical Change #1: Reclassified
Some Investments as “Income Assets”

My wife changed the settings in her ROTH account to collect
dividends as cash rather than automatically reinvest. Obviously I applaud this
decision, as selective
reinvestment of dividends
is one of my core
. However, it does impact the monthly summary figures. You’ll
notice in the table there is a considerable delta between “total invested” and
what I call “income assets”. When calculating my overall invested yield, I don’t
factor in income that is automatically reinvested. Although it is “income” it
becomes immediately absorbed into the market value of the investment, so
essentially these investments are only measured in the conventional, Church of
Buy and Hold perspective of overall capital growth. Previously, my wife’s ROTH
holdings weren’t part of the “income assets” since they were set to
automatically reinvest. Now that she changed the reinvestment settings, they
are classified as “income assets,” so the increase from month to month is a bit
distorted by that shift.

Clerical Change #2:
More Up-To-Date Allocation % of Mutual Fund Holdings

When I first created this google sheet, I looked up all my
mutual funds’ holdings allocations on Morningstar. I plugged the percentages in
and forgot about it. That was short-sighted. Mutual funds are actively managed,
so the allocation percentages change slightly as the fund managers…manage. I
realized that I need to adjust the funds’ allocations each month if I want
these summaries to be accurate. It is a pain in the ass and just one more thing
I dislike about actively managed mutual funds. Boy, for someone who dislikes
mutual funds, I sure do own a lot of them don’t I? I will have to address that
at some point in a core philosophies article.

Anyway, all in all it was a quiet month on the stock
purchase front as I let the dry powder accumulate for a bit. But it was a
pretty darn good month in terms of pay days – we collected 7 different
dividends as cash money. Woo hoo!

 Portfolio Summary

Stock Purchases

1 new position added. Projected annual income increased by $28.08
based on current dividends.

11/05/15 – WFM: 52 shares purchased at $28.80/share. New
position initiated. Increased projected annual income by $28.08 based on
current $0.54/share dividend.

Pay Days and Raises

6 pay days (7 dividends – one of the paydays was a two-for).
$117.01 in dividend income. 0 announced increases representing $0 in additional
future annual income. (WFM announced a dividend increase the day my wife bought
her shares in her ROTH, but since we never collected any dividends at the
previous amount, I don’t think it counts. But it is worth noting that WHG
raised their dividend in October. There weren’t any headlines or anything; you
would have to read the transcript from the Q3 earnings conference call, which I
didn’t do until this month. So I failed to mention it last month, but it’s
noted here for posterity.)

11/06/15 – BIV: $1.98 monthly dividend

11/13/15 – EV: $11.93 quarterly dividend

11/16/15 – OHI: $25.76 quarterly dividend

11/20/15 – CAT: $15.40 quarterly dividend

11/24/15 – FAST: $11.20 quarterly dividend

11/24/15 – HCP:
$45.16 quarterly dividend

11/27/15 – COST: $5.58 quarterly dividend

10/28/15 – WHG: Announced 14% increase in quarterly dividend
from $0.50 to $0.57/share. Payable to shareholders prior to ex-dividend
12/11/15 on 01/04/16. Projected annual income increased $8.48.

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